Groupe de travail interdisciplinaire pour la gestion non pharmacologique du stress

Fasciathérapie - Réflexologie - Hypnose - Musicothérapie 


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International Journal of Therapeutic massage and Bodywork Vol 10, N° 3 (2017)

Fasciatherapy and Reflexology compared to Hypnosis and Music Therapy in Daily Stress Management

Bernard Payrau, MD, MT,1* Nadine Quere, MSc, PT, MT,1,2 Elisabeth Breton, MSc,1,3 Christine Payrau, MD1,4 1Interdisciplinary Working Group for Nonpharmacological Stress Management (IWGNSM), Paris, France, 2Ecole Bien-Etre du dos, Gentilly, France, 3Elisabeth Breton Reflexology School, Guyancourt, France, 4Institut Français d’ Hypnose, Paris, France

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Myopian 2017, First Edition, Breakthroughs in muscle pain Research and Practice. Extracts from the Tenth World congress on myofascial pain syndrome dans fibromyalgia syndrome. p.16. Editors : DR Deepak Sharan and Joshua Samuel R. Stress-related soft tension : A pragmatic controlled study assessing a single session of fasciaterapy, reflexology, hypnosis, music therapy on 308 outpatients. Bernard payrau, Nadine Quéré, Elisabeth Breton, marie Christine Payrau. Presented by : Dr Payrau B. October 4-8, 2017 Bengaluru, India. Myopian 2017 Congress